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The Fun Waste of Time

Jun 9, 2021

In this episode of “The Fun Waste of Time,” we’ve got an exciting Home Theater Xperience coming your way! Home theater MEGA-fan, Matt Blair of Brolic Media joins in to assume co-hosting duties and featured in this episode is the PHENOMENAL theater of fellow home theater and gaming enthusiast, Jaremy Pyle.

Jaremy is a big fan and avid member of the home theater community, who enjoys nothing more than talking shop about this AWESOME hobby! We were excited to sit down with him to get into the weeds about what he’s done in his fantastic space, as well as, talk video games from the home theater perspective. He’s also done some pretty cool things in his media/living room that we discuss as well.

There’s all this and much…much more in episode 41 of “The Fun Waste of Time”!

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