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The Fun Waste of Time

Sep 25, 2021

In this episode of “The Fun Waste of Time,” Anthony takes the reins and hosts the show!  Even with his “unorthodox” style of hosting, the show somehow manages to stay afloat and ends up being extremely entertaining! 

The fellas discuss the age-old question, “is it necessary to read the source material for new movies and TV shows adapted from popular comic books, graphic novels, and books to truly appreciate the storytelling and world-building of the property in question?”.   In true “Fun Waste of Time” fashion, there’s no consensus and their answers differ drastically!

They also discuss their impressions of the most recent PlayStation Showcase.  Were there any new game announcements that got them excited and ready to hand over their wallets to PlayStation?  

In addition, the fellas share the movies, TV shows and video games they've been watching and playing over the last few weeks.

As a sure to hang out to the very end of the podcast directly after the closing statement to hear some behind-the-scenes banter and how the rest of the cast treats poor, Tarrus.  It may make you shed a tear…

There’s all this and so much more in episode 44 of “The Fun Waste of Time”!