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The Fun Waste of Time

May 9, 2020

In this dedicated Home Theater Experience episode of “The Fun Waste of Time” podcast, Jim Peterson, President of Lumagen Inc. and creator of the MAGNIFICENT Lumagen Radiance Pro video processor joins the show! Listen in as Jim discusses the multitude of features and capabilities the Radiance Pro has to drastically improve the home theater experience.

Jim shares how the Lumagen Radiance Pro increases home theater immersion with features like aspect ratio control (getting rid of horizontal and vertical black bars on movies, tv shows and video games), “NoRing” scaling (excellent video upscaling), the recently added “Game” mode for low latency gaming (potentially decreasing latency down to 2 milliseconds), 1D and 3D LUT calibration, proprietary Dynamic Tone Mapping to improve HDR and much more.   

As an added bonus…Kris Deering, writer for Sound and Vision Magazine and owner of Deep Dive AV, co-hosts this episode and provides his insight on the Lumagen Radiance Pro not only as a calibrator, but as a customer as well.

There’s all this and much more in episode 21 of “The Fun Waste of Time” podcast!