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The Fun Waste of Time

Dec 25, 2020

This is a condensed and abbreviated version of episode 34 of The Fun Waste of Time, which is a dedicated "Home Theater Experience" episode.  The topic of discussion in this shortened version is our favorite platforms to consume movie and TV content.  The platforms discussed are Kaleidescape, Zappiti, Plex and Blu-ray collecting.

If you have time, you can listen to the entire ninety-minute episode, which not only covers the main topic in much more detail, but other fun and interesting topics affecting the home theater community as well.  However, if time is of the essence, this forty-five minute segment of episode 34 may be a better fit for your schedule.

If you'd like to see the home theaters of this episode's guests, be sure to visit on the Episode 34 web-page and photos of their theaters can be viewed there.