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The Fun Waste of Time

Sep 8, 2019

In this episode, the crew shares their first impressions of the fifteen minute "Cyberpunk 2077" Deep Dive video that gives brief story elements and details of the game's various play-styles.

In addition, the fellas discuss the new "Marvel's Avengers" game-play video that dropped at "Gamescom" this summer.  The crew compares how the "Gamescom" demo differs from the "E3" demo that released earlier this summer.  

In the realm of movies, Tarrus and Anthony get into a "heated" debate over who's at fault for the collapse of the Sony and Marvel "Spiderman" deal. 

The crew also joins in on the discussion surrounding all of the fabulous "Marvel Studio" and "Star Wars" TV show announcements at D23 2019.

There's all this and plenty more within this fun-filled episode!